Crisis is an original hand-painted artwork by Antoni Dragan with his worldwide unique progressive multipaint technique where depending on light circumstances the painting changes completely appearance. The artwork is about the financial crisis which started in 2008. In particular the Greek case which was one of the most affected countries and been faced with problems and bad dissections of the last decades. In the artwork a small knight (last decades governments) is to be seen on a big white horse which symbolizes Greece (Greece also with green under it). The closed eyes on the horse is intended, it is directed only by the knight. The people around are the masses. The small crying child, the generations to come. Hermes Socrates and Aristotle are showing their disappointment. Dark clouds are over Greece and Aristotle. Several areas of the artwork are covered with 24 carat gold (in particular Hermes). In the complete dark a fight appear with guardians angels left and right.


Acrylic, Pigments on Canvas