Guernica of 21st century

Antoni Dragan was inspired for this artwork by Pablo Picasso ‘s Masterpiece “Guernica”. Antoni Dragan’ s “Guernica of 21st century” is the interpretation through the artist eyes in recent global events of great importance which had an historical negative impact on the world. In the dark three completely new paintings appear. They are a dedication to Picasso’s global art influence and showcast 3 of his greatest painting periods, the blue period, the cubism and the surrealism period. The artwork is hand-painted and consist of three parts, each one stretched and 100cm x 150cm sized. The painting has Antoni Dragan ‘s worldwide unique progressive multipaint technique where depending on light circumstances the painting changes completely appearance revealing a completely new paintings which were invisible before. Signed certificate of authenticity and a uv light will be included by Antoni Dragan.


Acrylic, Pigments on Canvas